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Are you tired of your old boring none graphical and animated cursor? Looking for a new cursor for your myspace, friendster, xanga or site? Look no further! You've come to the right place. We have lots of cool animated cursors for your site and we provide the codes for you and you'll just have to cut and paste onto your site! Isn't that easy? Paste the cursor codes in the About Me: section of your myspace profile page. Be sure to paste the codes before the existing codes in the About Me section. All cursors here works in IE but it does not show in Firefox browser.

Recent News / Updates:

Updated: 29 June 2009

Please do not change the codes that has been provided or else it won't work on your profiles. Link back to this site on your site/myspace page if you like this site. The more you visit daily the more cursors will be added. Thank you!

Added new Michael Jackson Cursors in a heart to remember him always, RIP Michael. Also we have added new Swords Cursors that is compatible with either FireFox or IE browser.

Updated: 18 March 2009

Added more new cute Kirby Cursors. Also we have added new Dance Dance Revolution, CatBig Pointer Cursors that is compatible with FireFox and IE browser.

Updated: 12 January 2009

Another new year has started, we'll add more new cursors on this site regularly. Check out the newly added Love Cursors.

Updated: 02 December 2008


Added new Christmas Cursors for this coming Christmas Holidays which is on the 25th of December 2008. Happy Holodays!  christmas-cursors9.html

Updated: 27 November 2008

Added new Flower Cursors.  flower-cursors6.html

Updated: 03 November 2008

Added more new Thanksgiving Cursors. Thanksgiving is on the 27st of November.    thanksgiving-cursors2.html

Updated: 11-15 October 2008

Added more new Halloween Cursors. Halloween is on the 31st of October.    Mummy Halloween Cursor

Updated: 07 October 2008

Added more brand new Bunny Cursors. Check us back soon as more Bunny Cursor

Updated:21 September 2008

Added more brand new Pointer Cursors.    Candy Pointer Cursor

Updated:07 September 2008

Added more new Pointer Cursors.    Pointer Cursor

Updated:30 August 2008


Added new Ninja Cursors.    Ninja Cursor

Updated:18 August 2008

Added more new Pointer Cursors.    Pointer Cursor

Updated:12 August 2008

Added more new Pencil Cursors.    Pencil Cursor

Updated:30 July 2008

Added new Feather Cursors.    Feather Cursor

Updated:22 July 2008

Added new Gun Cursors.    Gun Cursor

Updated: 07 July 2008


Added new Gothic Cursors and Incredible Hulk Cursor.    Gothic Cursor

Updated: 14 June 2008


Check out the cool Wavy Cursors.    Wavy Cursor

Updated: 04 June 2008

Check out the Animals Cursors section with more new Hamster Cursors, Turtle Cursors, etc.    Gorilla Cursor

Updated: 25 May 2008

Added more new Cute Cursors.    Cute Cursors

Updated: 15 May 2008

Added more new Dragon Cursors.    Dragon

Updated: 05 May 2008

Added New Mother's Day Cursors for this coming Mother's Day which is on 11th of May.    Mother's Day Cursors

Updated: 14 April 2008

Added more new Love Cursors.    Love Cursor

Updated: 10 April 2008

We have added more new Dog Cursors.    Dog Cursor

Updated: 25 March 2008

Added more new Pointer Cursors section.    

Updated: 14 March 2008

Easter holiday is on 23 of March, please sure to check out the Easter Cursors section.    

Updated: 12 March 2008

St Patrick's Day is coming up soon, which is on next coming Monday 17th of March, We have added new cool St Patricks Day Cursors.   

Updated: 27 February 2008

Added more exciting new Love Cursors and Lips Cursors.   

Updated: 18 February 2008

Added more new Love Cursors.   

Added New Valentine Cursors for this coming Valentine's Day, Show some Love On your profile with these cursors.   

Updated: 05 January 2008

Added New Pointers Cursors for your myspace profile page..   

Updated: 19 December 2007

Christmas is just around the corner, have you check out our Christmas Cursor section? We have added more new Christmas Cursors.   

Updated: 04 December 2007

We have added more new Christmas Cursors.   

Updated: 23 November 2007

Thanksgiving was just over. Hope you guys had a wonderful time. We have added new Christmas Cursors for the next coming Xmas Holidays!   

Updated: 20 November 2007

We have added new Guitar Cursors. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, please check out our Thanksgiving Cursors for your profile page, also added more cool Swords Cursors.  

Updated: 31 October 2007

Added more Love Cursors.  

Updated: 25 October 2007

Happy Halloween everyone! Check out the awesome Halloween Cursors and also we have added new Dragonball Cursors for Dragonball Z fans out there to put on your profile page!

Updated: 11 October 2007

We know Halloween Holiday is coming soon, I have added more new Halloween Cursors for your profile page!

Updated: 09 October 2007

We have added New Halo Cursors and Color Cursors

Updated: 29 September 2007

Added new Crystal Cursors and new Love Words Cursors.

Updated: 20 September 2007

Added new Rocket Glitter Cursors and new Snake Cursors.

Updated: 17 September 2007

We have added new Halloween Cursors for the upcoming Halloween day, we also added new Love Cursors.

Updated: 04 September 2007

Added New  Sparkling Heart Cursors and Sparkling Flower Cursors.

Updated: 27 August 2007

Added New  Doll Cursors and Japanese Cursors.  

Updated: 19 August 2007

Added New  Mario Hand Cursors and Animated Emoticon Cursors.

Updated: 16 August 2007

Added New  Dog Cursors and Alien Cursors.

Updated: 09 August 2007

Added New 14 Love Cursors.

Updated: 23 July 2007

Added New Love CursorsSkull Cursors, Dog Cursors and Strawberry Cursors.

Updated: 13 July 2007

Added more New Love CursorsBear Cursors, Rainbow Cursors, Dance Cursors and Music Cursors. Also check out  

Updated: 09 July 2007

New Sexy Bitch CursorsI'm A Bitch Cursors, Hi There Cursors, and My Page Rocks Cursors added by request.  

Updated: 06 July 2007

Newly made Princess CursorsBear Cursors, and Female Doll Cursors.  

Updated: 01 July 2007

New Duck CursorsChick Cursors, Dog Cursors, and Banana Cursors.  

Updated: 24 June 2007

Good news! More 23 New Love Cursors added and 20 Female Doll Cursors.

Updated: 23 June 2007

Love cursors are so popular therefore I'm adding more new Love Cursors , also added Chick Cursors.

Updated: 17 June 2007

New Star Cursors , Bear Cursors and Gothic Cursors, Also check out Myspace Backgrounds

Updated: 05 June 2007

New Love Cursors and Cute Doll Cursors,

Updated: 29 May 2007

New Chick cursors , Naruto Cursors, Looney Tunes Cursors and Hello Kitty Cursors added.

Updated: 21 May 2007

New Cursors  added.

Updated: 16 May 2007

New Zodiac Cursors and Bart Simpson Cursors added.

Updated: 07 May 2007

New Love Cursors, Frog Cursors, Rude CursorsBerry Cursors, and Cursors have been added.

Updated: 03 May 2007

New Fruits Cursors, Lips Cursors, Fish CursorsNaruto Cursors, Lava Lamp Cursors, Animal CursorsLove Cursors, Chick Cursors , Lobster Cursors, and Cartoon Cursors have been added.

Updated: 19 April 2007

More South Park Cursors, Pig Cursors , Star Cursors , Cat Cursors , Doll Cursors , Hamster Cursors  and Music Cursors have been added.

Updated: 05 April 2007

More new Love Cursors and  Bear Cursors have been added.

Updated: 18 March 2007

New Dog Cursors, Pig Cursors , Chick Cursors, Inuyasha Cursors and  Kingdom Hearts Cursors have been added.

Updated: 04 March 2007

New Pig Cursors, Emoticon Cursors  and more Dog Cursors have been added.

Updated: 20 February 2007

New Alien Cursors, Apple Cursors , Bear Cursors , Blinking Cursors , Robot Cursors and Cute Cursors  have been added.

Updated: 03 February 2007
New Sheep Cursors and more Love Cursors have been added for valentine's profile page..
Updated: 17 December 2006
New Chick Cursors , Elephant Cursors, Dog Cursor, Love Cursors, Cute Cursors and Penguin Cursors added.
Updated: 25 November 2006
More Christmas Cursors and new Cat Cursors, Hamster Cursor, Dog Cursors and Hello Kitty Cursors added.
Updated: 10 November 2006
Christmas is coming soon, I've added Christmas Cursors for your myspace page. Also more Monkey Cursors have been added.
Updated: 06 November 2006
New Simpson Cursors, Dunno Cursors , Rude Cursor, Love Cursors and Cow Cursors added.
Updated: 27 October 2006
More Fish Cursors, Monkey Cursor, Love Cursors and Cow Cursors added.
Updated: 22 October 2006
More cursors added! Check out the Cow CursorsCrab Cursors , Mario Cursors and Dinosaur Cursors page.
Updated: 20 October 2006
More Playboy Cursors and Dancing Banana Cursors  have been added.
Updated: 18 October 2006
New Dancing Banana Cursors and more Love Cursors , Family Guy Cursors  and Halloween Cursors have been added.
Updated: 15 October 2006
Halloween is coming soon, here's Halloween Cursors for your myspace cursor page.
Updated: 09 October 2006
More Star Cursors have been added.
Updated: 03 October 2006
New Star Cursors and Love Cursors have been added.
Updated: 01 October 2006
New Playboy Cursors and Girly Cursors have been added.
Updated: 10 September 2006
More Rude Cursors, Butterfly Cursors and Cow Cursors have been added.
Updated: 30 August 2006
New Rude Cursors and Valentine Cursors have been added.
Updated: 28 August 2006
More Love Cursors and Butterfly Cursors have been added.
Updated: 13 August 2006
New Flower Cursors have been added.
Updated: 30 July 2006
New Glitter Cursors have been added.
Updated: 25 July 2006
New Zelda Cursors, and more Sheep Cursors have been added.
Updated: 19 July 2006
New Bow And Arrow Cursors, and more Pencil Cursors have been added. 
Updated: 17 July 2006
More Mario Cursors, and Cat Cursors have been added.
Updated: 10 July 2006
New Star Cursors, and UFO Cursors have been added.   
Updated: 05 July 2006
New Heart Cursors, Blinkie Heart Cursors and Ladybird Cursor have been added.   
Updated: 29 June 2006
New Valentine Cursors and Transparent Cursor have been added.   
Updated: 23 June 2006
New Mario Kart Cursors and Sparklie Cursors have been added.   
Updated: 16 June 2006
New Pencil  Cursors and Naruto Cursors have been added.
Updated: 09 June 2006
New Evil Ducky Cursors and Angel Cursors have been added.
Updated: 05 June 2006
New Family Guy Cursors , Kirby  Cursors and Stereotypes Cursors have been added.
Updated: 29 May 2006
New Cow Cursors , Zodiac Cursors and Dr. Mario Cursors have been added. 
Updated: 25 May 2006
New Grounation Cursors , Inuyasha Cursors have been added. 
Updated: 17 May 2006
New Dancing Banana Cursors , Flashy Cursors have been added. 
Updated: 04 May 2006
New Weather Cursors , Skull Cursors, and Yoshi Cursors have been added.
Updated: 26 April 2006
New Birthday Cursors , Nemo Cursor, Neopets Cursors and Animated Cursors have been added.
Updated: 13 April 2006
New Girly Cursors , Baby Cursors, Starcraft Cursors and more importantly New Easter Cursors have been added. Happy Easter everyone!
Updated: 07 April 2006
New Carebear Cursors and Astrology Cursors have been added. New Live Internet TV has just been launched!
Updated: 24 March 2006
New Easter cursors, South park cursors have been added.
Updated: 07 March 2006
This site is newly launched cursor site so bare with me. Currently this site has 652+ cursors with all sort of cursors you can find. Today, I've just added new anime cursors in anime cursors section. Cursors that are uploaded are Bleach, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Ultraman, etc.. Check them out! 

Most popular/wanted cursors:

Free Myspace Cursors

How does it work?

It's simple! Just browse through the cursor code categories and put your mouse over each text area. You will then see a preview of how the cursor will look on your page. Once you've found the cursor that you want, just copy the code provided in the text area, and paste it into the editing section of your site.

Learn How To Add Toon Cursor To Your Myspace / Web Page:

  1. To view the cursors, use your mouse to point over each text area and the cursor will show up.

  2. To select your wanted cursor, copy the codes in the textbox and put it on any section of your HTML code. For myspace just put the codes in any section of your Myspace e.g.. put it on your music/MISC section. 

  3. Reload your Myspace / Web page and you'll able to see the new cursor! It's that easy!

These Cursors can be used on Myspace, Xanga, Friendster, Live Journal, or personal website.

Please note that Cursors Do Not Show Up In Mozilla Firefox!

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If you're having difficulty on adding cursors, you can email me at help@myspacecursor.net_NOSPAM.


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